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My name is Freya Szeremet (pronounced fray’-ah shoo-re’-met). I am a photographer based in Frisco, Texas (Northern Dallas suburb) specializing in sports action/sportraits and high school seniors.

I love photography. It satisfies both my mechanical side and creative side. Nothing else has this perfect combination. I am a mechanical engineer who decided to stay home with my wonderful boys when they were introduced to this world. I am a research nerd which is a typical trait of an engineer. I consider myself creative and I see things a little differently as I was raised in Japan most of my childhood surrounded by its amazing culture, architectures, arts, and food(!). Naturally, I learned to pay attention to details growing up in such a detail oriented environment.

My interests have grown and I have been photographing more and more portraits (both in studio and outdoor) and macro photography. My latest interest has been creating photo composites using my images. I love creating edgy posters of athletes and that is the direction I would like my business to grow.

I am continuously learning. I don’t think there is an end to learning, so I will keep shooting:)